Spyce by OURA 

Aprons re-engineered to keep you and your food clean.

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Aprons that Keep Your Clothes Clean...

Above all, an apron should protect your clothes. However, so many aprons do not effectively prevent liquids from penetrating the fabric and ruining your clothes underneath. 

With Spyce, you never have to worry about accidental spills, splashes, or messes. Our liquid repellent technology naturally deflects fluids so your clothes stay clean. 

...and your food clean.

Germs that cause food poisoning can easily contaminate kitchen surfaces. Aprons are no different. Infrequently washed aprons quickly become incubators for bacteria, resulting in cross-contamination throughout the kitchen and your food. 

To help fix this problem, Spyce aprons are self-cleaning and anti-bacterial. They've been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of germs in the kitchen. 

38 million


Cases of food-borne illness in the US per year (CDC estimate)

Spyce kills bacteria by

Behind the Technology

Using advanced processes, thousands of minerals are embedded directly into each thread. These minerals give Spyce aprons unique features. 

This is not your standard kitchen apron. 

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